Easi-Grip Support Cuff


Support Cuff for Ergonomic Handle Gardening Tools
Peta (UK) PGT2-AS

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This simple Arm Support Cuff can make a world of difference to your gardening experience. The aluminium rod plugs into the back of any Easi-Grip® garden tool and allows the gardener to use the strength of the forearm for all gardening activity, reducing stress on hand and wrist. Customers are always amazed at what a difference this can make and can bring accessibility to gardening to a wider group

Key Features:

  • Plastic Molded Cuff – Can be fitted to any Easi-Grip® garden tool to allow the strength of the forearm to be used. Takes weight away from the wrist to make working even easier for those with weak hands and wrists
  • Soft-Feel Lining – Gives greater comfort and prevents chafing on the arm
  • Plug-In Rod – Means the cuff is interchangeable between tools. Only one needs to be purchased per user
  • Attaches Securely to Garden Tool – Tool will remain with gardener even if grip is released. Ideal for gardeners with Dementia as a physical reminder of the task at hand

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Weight 0.113 kg
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 8 cm